moonlit pines

i explore & travel whenever opportunity knocks graciously at my door. I write in a haphazard effort to drain the mass of thoughts I walk around with. I take photos to capture the moments as I live them. and I gladly share them on occasion either here or in submissions to other blogs. either way, if I haven't been personal in awhile just ask.



still love

Be still my heart. 


Sri lankan train rides. Photo Tom Hawkins


Hair, lipstick, pants, then I’m out 💋

crushinnnnnn the game…. dopamine-and-dumbbells

Barrel sleepers


I moved to Alaska on Thursday and all I’ve been doing is sleeping. Why does my body hate me? There are mountains to kiss, and places to be!

ahhhhh I’m so jealous! I want to live and be there sooo bad. take me far away!