moonlit pines

i explore & travel whenever opportunity knocks graciously at my door. I write in a haphazard effort to drain the mass of thoughts I walk around with. I take photos to capture the moments as I live them. and I gladly share them on occasion either here or in submissions to other blogs. either way, if I haven't been personal in awhile just ask.

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This is pretty much fav thing on this website. I wish someone hadn’t deleted the original story. Basically the first photo is when they first met during a photoshoot. The second photos is awhile later after they fell in love.

Raddest Looks On The Internet


I was never really fond of the word lover, ever, until I had one. In his shirt, I lay an ex-lover. Reverie without a tone of regret in all that made me smile. kids holding hands on the sidewalk, kissing on the streets at 2 a.m. and eating homemade chocolate cake on the kitchen floor, head buried…